High Heels and High Chairs as Art!

The hubby really did a great job on the gifts front this year. Lots of little things that were total luxuries. But one of my favorite gifts was a piece of art work he created, had printed and framed based on this here blog.

The hubby entered a month’s worth of text from the blog to Wordle and it created a “word cloud” – a grouping of the words that appeared in the text, their size based on the frequency with which they appeared. The hubby was able to customize it with my banner colors and voila, a unique piece of art based on my own words:

The sweetest part came later, when I was studying it and feeling a little conflicted and a little lost when I noticed the biggest word is “peanut.” Where was I? The hubby responded by telling me peanut might be the biggest word right now, but it isn’t the only one.

To every season, right?

Add this to the book my sister had printed of the blog from the start date through the 30 Days of Thanks in November (complete with book jacket, author info and added photos throughout) and it was a blog-filled Christmas. It’s kind of weird to go back and read the last two years in real print.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday. I’m still digging out from our nine days away and hope to get us all back on some kind of schedule before the New Year…we’ll see!


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