Toddler Tidbits

Between the holidays, taking a mental break after posting 30 days in a row and a visit from my folks this weekend, I have, unfortunately, neglected this space. I apologize.

As a reward, here are some funny scenes from my little comedian from the past few days:

The hubby has been chuckling about the last post since last week. So, at dinner last night, he started a little teasing…

The Hubby: I eat like a man.
Peanut: I eat like a man.
Hubby: I burp like a man.
Peanut: S’cuse me like a man.

This weekend, peanut was all about Grandpa. Where is Grandpa? Need to squeeze Grandpa. Want to hold Grandpa’s hand. Need to wake Grandpa up. Sit next to Grandpa. After they left, we asked peanut what his favorite part of the visit was…

His response: Grandma!

In an effort to teach peanut gratitude, we include him in grace before dinner. It used to be he would just listen, but now he likes to list things to say thank you for. It usually includes a litany of whatever is for dinner, the silverware, milk, napkins, whatever friends we saw that day, etc…

During breakfast Sunday morning, we were discussing Christmas music or something and I was telling my mom about a performance of Amazing Grace I had seen on TV recently. As soon as the words “Amazing Grace” were out of my mouth, peanut put down his fork and said, “We didn’t say grace” and grabbed our hands. I have to say, in that moment, I was certainly thankful for a lot more than the scrambled eggs!

We eat occasionally in our dining room so that peanut can adapt his developing table skills to “nicer” settings. Because he’s two, however, we enjoy the majority of our meals at our kitchen table where it is safer to make a mess and much easier to clean up. Now that peanut eats at the table in his own chair, we ate our meals this weekend with my parents in the dining room so that we’d have the extra room that our large dining room table provides.

Somehow, peanut heard something a little different than dining room and he’s now calling it the “diamond room.” I kind of like the fancy spin that puts on it!

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