30 Days of Thanks: Day 23

Today I am thankful for…productive weekends.

We painted our kitchen. Two coats of crisp, clean white on the ceiling. Two coats of beautiful, calming “rejuvenate” green on the walls. Everything from the cabinets to peanut’s refrigerator magnets have received a thorough scrubbing. Open shelves have been reorganized. A new mail system has been put into place to reduce the weekly paper clutter.

It feels fantastic. It looks even better. I hate that it took me four years to decide on a color, but it was worth the wait. And worth all the sanding, spackling, edging and rearranging that was necessary.

The hubby and I are both exhausted from handling such a big project – not to mention the satellite dish install the hubby tackled in tandem. I’m overwhelmed with the normal weekend tasks that aren’t quite finished – the laundry’s only half done, we didn’t make it to the grocery for our weekly run, I still have no idea what I’m making on Thursday – but I’m typing this in my sweats with a glass of wine knowing that I accomplished something this weekend. A project started and finished in 36 hours is something to be proud of.

The fact that we accomplished it without ignoring our two-year-old…priceless.

Here’s to hoping your weekend was just as productive!


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks: Day 23

  1. i always breathe a huge sigh of relief after i’m done painting. apparently i paint wrong or something so my hand is always nice and swollen after i’m done. 🙂my weekend was productive, too–went grocery shopping, cleaned my house, put up my christmas lights. yay!

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