30 Days of Thanks: Day 17

Today I am thankful for…Piedmont Park.

Two to three times a week, nearly every week since peanut was three months old, I have bundled him up or lathered him in sunscreen (depending on the weather), popped him in the stroller and headed out for a workout at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. I was never an athlete. I was active, sure. I played soccer in the fifth grade and ate my share of orange slices. I did flag corps for eight years (geek alert!) and had the best arms to prove it.

But an athlete? No. A jogger? No. A regular exerciser, even? Not for longer than a few months at a time, usually after the holidays like everyone else.

Then, I had a baby and a friend told me about Stroller Strides. I’ve been hooked ever since. Not only has it gotten me into pretty good shape considering I’ve birthed a child, but I’ve made some great friends there. It’s a guaranteed hour or two of talking to adults and keeping peanut occupied with a playground and his own friends.

Today, as we sprinted up a massive hill and I was sucking wind, I reached the apex and was treated to one of my favorite views in the city. Midtown skyscrapers raising into the blue sky, geese skidding to a landing in the duck pond, trees fluttering in the cold, morning breeze, leaves crunching underfoot. Piedmont Park is truly an Atlanta gem. A serene, green place in the middle of the city. A place I am thankful to enjoy every week. A place I am thankful to build memories with peanut in. A place that has made Atlanta home for our family.

A place you can find me in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. See you then!

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