30 Days of Thanks: Day 9

Today I am thankful for…slap happy toddlers!

There is nothing like managing a six hour drive with an overtired toddler. Will they sleep at all? How long? When should you stop to eat? Where will we stop to eat? Will a coloring book be enough or do we need to break out the DVD? Why are they always asleep when you have to pee?

I can’t really complain. Peanut is really a good traveler. He doesn’t sleep much in the car anymore, but he also doesn’t get terribly cranky. He’s easily distracted by a book or toy. He’ll happily sing-a-long to his CDs. We only have to rely on the DVD as a last resort (but what a lifesaver!).

My favorite part of any road trip with the peanut? The slap-happy period that inevitably follows that much time trapped in a car seat. Tonight he ran around the house forwards, then backwards (saying “whoa!” the whole time). He babbled completely incoherently during dinner. He “counted” his girlfriends (apparently five). He sang songs. He was completely hysterical. His blowing off steam helps makes the hubby and I laugh so much that we do the same. No matter how tired we are or how much we need to do to get life back to normal after time away, it’s always easier to do so with a slap-happy-toddler-induced-smile on our faces.

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