30 Days of Thanks: Day 1

I am thankful for…Date Night.

Before I had peanut, I used to secretly laugh at married couples who talked about date night. Oh how cocky I felt in my freedom. Before peanut, we did not have any need to schedule a night out. We just went out. Whenever. At the last minute. To expensive restaurants. To movies. To anywhere.

Once peanut arrived and it took me two hours to plan for our first trip out for breakfast that turned into lunch because it took so long to get these novice parents out the door with a two-week old baby, I realized how naive I had been. With family and therefore readily available and free babysitting two states away, it’s been a struggle for us to commit and plan on date nights.

Luckily, we did find a great babysitter and we have friends who are also in the same boat and willing to swap sitting services, but it’s really easy to settle into our homebody life and spend our free nights at home with Netflix. So, it was a lovely surprise to have the hubby tell me a week ago that we’d be going out tonight. That he had gotten tickets for a comedy show, that he’d lined up some friends to come watch peanut, that I didn’t have to worry about anything other than what to wear.

And on our one weekend home together out of four weekends, it’s just what we need. Some alone time. Some time together to laugh. Some time together to reconnect about something other than grocery lists, peanut’s nap schedule (because we’re still trying to make -up sleep from last week) and planning our next drive to NC next weekend.

Not to mention it’s a great excuse to pull out those new heels I bought. Now that IS something to be thankful for.

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