30 Days of Thanks

Not to belabor the point, but last week’s trip really caused me to stop, reflect and refocus. I’ve been so caught up in a lot of emotional baggage, that I finally had to threaten to charge myself the extra $15 per checked bag to encourage myself to limit the baggage to one carry on. The goal would be to fly with only the clothes on my back, but I’m starting realistic. After all, I’ve never been one to hop on a plane, destination anywhere, and see what happens…this is why I love to watch the Amazing Race but never send in an audition tape.

Part of this effort to find the right focus for my life is to really be mindful and grateful for the gifts I do have in my life. Peanut’s post-trip, terrible twos behavior makes this even more important. It’s so easy to get caught up in the tantrums, the whining, the minute-to-minute attitude changes that I might miss the giggles in between the growls.

As a result, I’m challenging myself this November to write a short post every day about something I am grateful for. Feel free to join me, if you like. Or share what you’re grateful for in that day’s comments.

I feel blessed that my child and the hubby provide me these moments every day and as much as I notice them, I want to really be mindful of them. Particularly as we enter this very busy holiday season.

So join me on November first…I’d be ever so grateful!


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