Must See TV

Tonight is the final event. The last time we’ll see them before the big decision. I’m so excited to see the posturing, the spinning, the arguing. There’s bound to be a few angry words and maybe a few moments of finding common ground. The families will be there to offer their support to those working so hard to fulfill their dreams. And the best part? The moderator.

Oh, you thought I meant this? Nah, chances are they won’t say anything new. I’m hoping for some real drama on Bravo. Although if Bob Schieffer actually pushes the candidates to “make it work,” then it might get interesting.

(Note: Don’t get me wrong, the presidential debates are an important part of our voting process. If you are still undecided, please tune in so you can make an informed choice in November. I’m High Heeled Mama, and I approved this message).

Update: I caved and watched the debate. Project Runway’s on the DVR and will be watched momentarily. But debate drama? At least it was interesting this time around.


2 thoughts on “Must See TV

  1. The winner’s stuff was pretty, but I was all for the runner up’s stuff. I kind of thought she was robbed. That long green off-set halter number? GORGEOUS!! And #3…puh-leeze! Hated her!!Of course, when PR ended and we turned to the debates right when they were talking about Roe v Wade and Education, I felt kinda bummed about making the same choice you did. It seemed like last night’s was the most interesting debate! Oops!

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