Retail Therapy

The economy is in ruins. So I did what every red-blooded American with a kid and only one income does when times get tough. I went shopping.

(Don’t tell Suzy Orman. She scares me. *shiver*)

Shopping as a stay-at-home-mom has got to be one of my biggest challenges. I know I’m not alone. I’ve seen enough episodes of “What Not To Wear” to know I’m not the only one scouring for bargains, stocking up on capris/flip-flops/hoodies, and choosing comfort over style. I know I’m not the only one who finds it easier to justify a purchase for the peanut or for the home before I can justify buying a new pair of jeans at Old Navy.

For me, though, the clothes still make the mom. I feel better in my nicer duds. I don’t have a style, per se, but in summer, you will often find me in a skirt and flats at the playground. Don’t get me wrong, for every day I’m in a skirt there is another day where I haven’t showered after a workout and you’ll find me five hours later at the playground in my workout clothes (although I do prefer the running skirt over shorts – hate the short-induced ride-up) or a day when I’m in a ratty tank top, shorts and flip flops. But the days I’m in the skirt and flats, I feel better about myself.

So, I’ve been thinking about what I need to spruce up my jeans and long-sleeve T winter wardrobe. Black pants. I don’t know what happened, but all my old work wardrobe black pants just don’t work anymore. How could I not have a nice pair of black pants? They can go to Target or on a date night or to Alphabet Club. Two stores and 8 pairs of pants later, I have a beautifully versatile pair that were totally ON SALE! So I bought a second pair of trousers in a very versatile tan. Also ON SALE!

Real clothes. Ah, how refreshing. I forbid myself from feeling guilty for spending a little bit more on quality items that will help eliminate the “I have nothing to wear because I’m a mom and not worthy of going anywhere” panic that tends to proceed an adult evening out. (I can almost hear the hubby whispering a silent thank you as he reads this.)

Then we popped in the shoe store. I have in my mind’s eye the perfect pair of boots for my mommy wardrobe…unfortunately, the only ones I can find are $500. A bit out of my current price range. I struck out again today, but did find (ON SALE) a sassy pair of Joan & David brownish/bronzish patent peep-toe pumps that spoke to me.

And do they ever make me feel like me in them.

These are some rough times we’re in. But I don’t have to look it.

At least not every day.


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