Routine or Rut?

Every day it’s the same old routine. We wake up, eat breakfast, run our errands, do our activities, eat lunch, nap (well, peanut does), play outside, eat dinner, bath and bed all at the same time each and every day. I know this routine provides comfort for peanut. Knowing, in general, what to expect throughout the day makes the day run smoothly for both of us. An established routine also means that I can abuse said routine when I need to for special activities and not pay the price with a complete meltdown…as long as we’re back on track within 24 hours, that is!

I’m beginning to wonder, however, if all this routine is putting me in a bit of a rut.

I’m planning a trip to see the family for a week and it’s starting to stress me out. Not because I’m nervous, although a six-hour solo drive with peanut is a bit of a nerve-wracking thought, but because it’s outside the normal day-to-day routine. And how will peanut, and I for that matter, react to establishing our routine in a different place with totally different time pressures?

I know deep down we’ll be fine because we’ve done it before. But I am hoping that this little jaunt will help inspire a rejuvenated routine when we return. Certainly the routine will stay the same, the wake-up, the mealtimes, the nap times, the scheduled classes. But in those down times — the two hours of nap time, the after bed time evening time with the hubby — I think I need a change. Sure, checking my feed reader and monitoring my friends’ Facebook status while catching up on the DVR is fine for giving my brain a rest, but I think I need a little bit more. Things are good…but can’t they always be better?

So, when I get back from my trip later this month, a few things are going to change around here. First of all, I’m busting out the paint cans. The kitchen and breakfast area need a serious face lift and have since the moment we moved in four years ago. I keep putting it off and putting it off, but I’m going for it. If I can cut off nearly six inches of hair, I can certainly paint a few rooms in a pleasing apple crisp orange and relaxing, soft sage (aptly named for this project “rejuvenate”).

While I’m gone, I’m going to work up some ideas on shaking up my routine in the little ways that will give me a better glimpse of me in my mommy day. Maybe dedicated reading space and a new box of teas for nap time. Maybe putting the DVR in overdrive in the evening with a chosen night of TV catch-up time so that evenings can be better spent writing or watching movies with the hubby. I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

The good thing about a rut is that the view is so much better when you climb up to the top. Here’s to a new perspective.


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