Crazy Toddler Habits? Get in Line.

Peanut is great at playing alone. He’ll stand at his train table and run his trains, cars, boats along the tracks. He will sit and look at books for a half hour. He will bang out a tune on his xylophone.

But lately, he’s also been organizing his toys. He’ll be happily playing by himself while I do the dishes/prep dinner/check my email and when I look up, he’ll have lined up whatever he’s playing with. He lined up all his train people and proceeded to tell me how they were going to the store to buy “vegetables, flowers and birthday cards.”

He lined up all his people on the entertainment center. Not sure what they were waiting for, but peanut insisted they stay there all day.

He lined up all his animal toys on top of his cubby bench like he was Noah directing them two-by-two through the storm.

What does all this lining up means. He’s orderly? He’s geometrically inclined? He’s obsessive-compulsive? He wants to work in the post office/DMV/grocery store/bouncer at a hot club?

Not really sure, but it’s quite entertaining. Now, if only I could figure out how to parlay this new talent into a Halloween costume, I’d be set!


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