Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

We all know that finding moments truly for yourself is probably the hardest job we have as mothers. I steal mine when I can. Driving home from babysitting for a friend with the windows down and Marc Cohn on the radio, enjoying the view of my city’s skyline lit up in the clear, fall air. Sneaking in a few chapters of a book during peanut’s nap time. Enjoying a longer (than seven minutes) shower with the door shut on the weekends when the hubby’s around to guarantee peanut distraction. A glass of wine and my feed reader while hubby gives peanut a bath.

Tomorrow, I take a few hours. Tomorrow, I take a few inches. Yup. After letting my hair grow through the summer, I’ve committed (in my head) to chopping it off. I’ve never been afraid to cut my hair. It always grows back. My problem, is my hair is super thick (I know, boo hoo…but really, have you seen it? On normal salon visits, I have two people blow drying it at the same time. Seriously.) and wavy, which means some cuts are impossible to keep up, particularly with a toddler running around and I’m lucky to rinse the conditioner out not to mention blow dry and style it.

But, I’m going to commit to taking some time for myself. I’m going to cut it. I’ve got some ideas and with some help from my trusty stylist, I just know I’m going to leave the salon tomorrow afternoon with a fresh, sexy, confident new look. (Although can someone explain to me why once I’ve mentally committed to this I all of a sudden start loving my long locks again and they miraculously behave for the first time in weeks?)

And even if I don’t, I will, at the very least, get to spend a few hours with someone fussing over me while I read the salon’s stash of trashy magazines.


6 thoughts on “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. Sounds delightful! I need to get a haircut, big time. Haven’t done cut OR color since late February (!), and it’s getting straggly. Alright, that’s it… I’m calling now! I don’t know if I’ll do anything dramatic, but at least it’ll be a freshen-up.

  2. I have really thick hair too, and short hair is hard for me to do. The stylist always does a great job but I have trouble duplicating it.Good luck! I’m sure it will look fabulous! 🙂

  3. I’ve got thick hair, too, so I feel your pain! This past year I’ve been growing it out so I can have an updo at my wedding. It’ll be cut off by Thanksgiving, though. Short is so much easier! And I think whenever I’ve made a hair appointment out of frustration, my hair suddenly looks better. It’s like it knows I’m sick of it and it’s trying to convince me not to cut it off.

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