Go-Go Gadget Mama Phone

The hubby is a gadget guy. He’s always been that way, wanting the latest and the greatest. I’ve been the buzz kill in the relationship, always forcing him to justify a big purchase or the usefulness of any given gadget. Since the peanut came along, I’ve been even more of a stickler and he’s been introduced to and tempted by a whole new genre of gadgetry – the baby gadgets!

But, he had received a well-deserved bonus and had patiently awaited the second iteration of the iPhone. So in July, as part of his bonus/Father’s Day/Anniversary present, he took home his brand spankin’ new iPhone. And really, the thing can do no wrong, in his eyes, and I have to admit to its occasional usefulness as more than a phone (like this weekend when we were standing in a long, slow-moving line 10 minutes before our movie was scheduled to start and we were able to buy the tickets on the iPhone and simply swipe our card for our tickets at the automated booth. We made it inside in time for the previews.).

My real question about the iPhone? The applications.

  • Mandarin Chinese Translators? Really?
  • Graphing Calculators? Can’t tell you how often I’ve needed this in my daily life and thought, if only my phone could compute functions.
  • A Copy of the Constitution? Cause you never know when you might need to reference the 16th Amendment while standing in line at the Post Office.

The applications I could use from an iPhone?

  • Toddler Translator – Instantly takes that phrase your child is saying over and over again and translates it for you before he completely melts down because your first 50 guesses were wrong.
  • Dinner Diva – Take pics of your fridge and cabinet contents with your iPhone. Place the iPhone on your counter and watch as it makes a three-course meal that the whole family is guaranteed to love.
  • Spot Remover – A point and click application, the iPhone instantly zaps that pizza stain off of your peanut’s adorable little polo shirt when you forgot to pack a bib.
  • The Pee/Poo Indicator – Instantly alerts you when your child has to go potty so toilet training is a breeze!
  • Selective Hearing Radio – Somehow plays that annoying little puppy song your peanut wants to hear over and over and over while all mommy hears is some soothing James Taylor (personal preference). Everybody wins!

So, Steve Jobs and team, please help a mother out. I’d be first in line for those gadgets.


2 thoughts on “Go-Go Gadget Mama Phone

  1. I like the Dinner Diva application…particularly if it could then email the store a list of items you need to replace, and you can click a “purchase now” button and the goods get sent to your house automatically…Hopefully they take your challenge!

  2. Those would be awesome!As a side note, if Hubby is willing to pass the precious iphone into a toddler’s hands, there is a cool application called ‘scribble’ that basically let’s them use their finger as a crayon. This has kept Sam occupied for more than half an hour on several occasions. Just make sure to have your cleaning cloth handy to remove those baby fingerprints!And anyone out there who is a Will Ferrel fan needs to download the cowbell app. Too funny!

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