Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

First, I (again) publicly admit I was wrong to be so anti-Facebook. Since joining, I have reconnected with some great college friends (realizing through posted pictures that fashion has REALLY changed in the last 10 years), came across a former client who also has a little one and we’re working on coordinating our apparently very busy toddlers’ schedules for a play date, and had a triple brunch date with two of the hubby’s high school pals he found again on FB who are now married and living in the area. So yes, I can see how a social networking site can actually enhance a real, flesh and bones friendship.

Then, today, the hubby sent me a link that made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Apparently one of his high school pals recently started a blog. And she very graciously opens her blog calling my little corner of the Internet her inspiration. WHAT?! And she learned about it through the hubby’s shameless promotion of his wife’s web address when they “friended.” I’m feeling very humbled today. And very excited about the potential of her blog – check it out, I think its focus and her perspective is something all mothers, women, people can learn something from.

So excuse me while I bask in the glow of my “influence”…at least until peanut wakes up from his nap and refuses to listen to me when I ask him to stop coloring the sofa and I am once again reminded of the limitations of said influence.


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