One Way Street

I’ve been pondering a few one-way relationships in my life. You know, the ones where you feel you give more than you get? Or you may always be the initiator? Or their time is always more valuable than yours? Whatever it is, we’ve all had one, or maybe several. It may be a boss or a colleague, a life time friend or a new acquaintance, a family member or a spouse, a pet…

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty. I’m working on all that stuff myself. But in the midst of my contemplation, I have had a simple tune running through my head. Something I can’t seem to get rid of. Something that no matter how worked up I get that I can’t find the solutions or the ability to let go of my annoyed feelings, it always makes me laugh and I remember that there is always more than one way to get somewhere.

So, on this Sunday afternoon as I sit pondering while the peanut naps and the hubby is running errands and I procrastinate again about editing something that actually has a deadline, I thought I’d share.

Enjoy the one-way trip down memory lane:


One thought on “One Way Street

  1. What a conincidence… I am dealing w/ a very similar situation right now. It’s frustrating, but it’s so hard to not let it bother you. I hope you can work things out!

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