When Did Lunch Get So Complicated?

My normal lunchtime companion is a very handsome, highly entertaining two-year old with quite the throwing arm, at least when it comes to noodles, grapes and sippy cups.

I recently came across the topic for a monthly luncheon meeting of a professional organization I used to belong to back in my “working” life. The topic is an interesting one and fairly relevant – it’s focused on the impact social media (like ye here blogosphere) has on public relations (you know, that segment of professional communications that used to pay the bills around here when the hubby was in grad school).

I’m very tempted to go.

But I keep finding excuses why I shouldn’t:

I don’t really work in PR anymore. (Although that doesn’t mean because I’m not today I won’t be tomorrow or next week or next month or next year).

What would I say during all those small talk conversations? Yeah, hey, I don’t really have a job, just a mom with an interest in blogging. Here’s my card…oh wait, no cards. Hmmm…I do have some Cheerio crumbs and a few wet wipes, will that work?

The lunch costs nearly $50…I feel guilty if I spend even $8.00 on lunch during the week when I have perfectly good peanut butter and jelly at home.

Who would I sit with? I’ve been out of the loop for two years and was only starting to get established in the local loop before I left it.

What would I even wear? Could I pull off wearing heels in the middle of a mommy day?

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about what’s next, career wise, and when. I haven’t come up with any answers yet, but I think wading back in will be a much better course than jumping into the raging ocean. Especially considering I’m not committed to even going swimming right now.

Maybe lunch is the answer. A nice way to check out what’s going on, maybe learn a few things, meet some new contacts, maybe drive a little traffic to the old http address.

So, I’ll brush up on my small talk, print those cards I’ve been meaning to print and raid the closet for something resembling a professional look.

And at least I won’t have to dodge flying noodles and sippy cups. I hope.

2 thoughts on “When Did Lunch Get So Complicated?

  1. Oh, you know I feel this whole game right alongside you friend. 🙂Have fun at the lunch and enjoy yourself. Wading back in is a good thing – that way you still feel in control.

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