I Know This Much Is True…

That as soon as you figure something out as a parent, the kid senses it and decides to throw you curve ball after curve ball…

* I like green beans. A week later, no green beans, no green beans! I only want broccoli. Until I can’t stand that anymore and I only want peas until…

* I nap every day for three hours at 1pm. Until I don’t. On the day that you really have a lot you need to do while I’m sleeping.

* I love to color, unless you ask me to draw Nana a picture in her thank you note.

* I don’t know how to crawl out of my crib until you write about it in your blog and I get to thinking and then suddenly, I can! Ha Ha! I shall bound out of the bed and come running into your room early Sunday morning proclaiming my success “Peanut. Out. Bed!”

Thanks for keeping me on my toes, kiddo. I promise to never, ever, ever mention something I’m proud of you for NOT doing because I know you will suddenly decide you want to do the opposite.


Will that work with potty training? Hmmmmm…

If you’re reading, peanut, I hope you never learn how to use the potty, particularly any time soon since your daddy and I just love, love, love changing your smelly messes.

Although if my hypothesis is correct – that just when I think I’ve figured it out he switches it up on me – then that potty statement will be the first thing I’ve said in weeks that peanut actually decides to listen to and I’ll be changing diapers until he hits kindergarten.



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