Postcards from the Edge (of the Terrible Twos)

After a whirlwind weekend of cramming in as many special moments as possible for peanut’s birthday to compensate for being far away from family (although he did get a visit from grandma and grandpa), I’m officially pooped. There was the breaking out of the trains (NOT Thomas) and train table Saturday morning, trip to the zoo with the grandparents, picnic lunch, cupcake baking, going out for pizza, eating of the cupcakes, blowing up 25 balloons, playing with 25 balloons, eating more cupcakes, baking a cake, cutting the cake into a train shape, frosting the cake, gearing up for the play date with five other two-year-olds, eating more cake, followed by today’s two-year-old doctor’s appointment and my visit to the dentist.

And now, for the first time since Friday morning, I feel like I can exhale. It was a wonderful weekend full of giggles and joy and excitement. Our little guy is turning into quite a big boy and the trains were a hit. Not just a hit. A total home run.

And, right on schedule, he’s upped the tantrums:

But mommy, I wanted the GREEN cup, not the BLUE one…WAHHHHHH!

Or maybe we’re both just so exhausted that we’re easily prone to outbursts of crankiness. At least I can say he’s developmentally on track…I guess.


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