The "Real" Housewives

I’m watching a season preview on Bravo of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.


First of all, I hate that term – housewife. What does that mean? You’re married to your house? Irks me. Implies that I should know a lot more uses for baking soda than I do.

Second, that’s a lot more cleavage than I tend to see amongst my “housewife” pals.

Third, the only gate in my community is our computer’s firewall.

Fourth, an “executive house keeper?” Is that a cleaning lady with an advanced degree? When does that come in handy?

Fifth, I didn’t know I needed a personal creative director. How can I get one of those?

Sixth, I’m totally gonna be addicted. I just know it.

But really, would anyone watch a show about actual, real life, stay at home mom housewives? I’m guessing the reason why we watch shows like the “Real Housewives” is because they are so not living our lives. If we have a few minutes to watch an entertainment show, seeing someone else telling their two year old 50 times in one day that we don’t throw our food on the floor, run at the pool or that yes we have to change your diaper after a nap because we do that every day would be a little too much reality with our post-baby bedtime glasses of chardonnay or pints of Ben and Jerry’s.

Let’s just be honest: we don’t want our reality TV TOO real!


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