Eating Crow

I said I would never. I swore up and down. I made fun of the hubby for giving in. Nope. Not going to do it. Not for me. Doesn’t matter who is there.

And then I realized I was always asking the hubby how his “friends” were. Ick.

And then I realized I’m trying to make a go of this whole blog-world, which means I should have some sort of understanding of new media, technology and this big bad Internet.

And then I was working out and one of my friends asked if I was on cause she just joined yesterday.

So I caved. I did it. I gave into the peer pressure and joined, gulp, Facebook.

Oh boy. What have I done? Please don’t let it be like high school again where I hope some cool people ask me to sit at their table. Cause I really hated high school.

Well, back to my humble pie with a side of crow. Yum.

3 thoughts on “Eating Crow

  1. Yay!! I’m so glad you joined us!! I’ve already accepted your invitation, too. Now we’re Facebook friends! (See how geeky that is? Fun, huh?)

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