Some Days You’re a Super Hero

Most days, I’m not sure if I’m doing enough as a mom. The dishes may be piled in the sink, the dust bunnies hopping out from under the bed, my socks turning a tinge of gray from the floors that need washing. I wonder if I’m playing enough with peanut or reading enough stories or picking the right activities. I wonder if peanut’s engaged enough, challenged enough, resting enough. On those days, we just go with the flow and I figure we’re doing okay.

Then there are the days when I feel like a super hero. Days like today, when we’re out the door by 10am and mama actually has clean and blown dry hair. Days when I take peanut to the local children’s museum to check out the model train exhibit in the midst of his serious new train obsession and manage to spend two hours there exploring a number of the interactive exhibits. Days when to compensate for a quick grilled cheese lunch, I’ve made a healthy avocado dip for some steamed veggies for peanut’s post-nap snack that are ready to go whenever he wakes. Days when the dishes are done, the kitchen in order, the mini grocery list done for a quick pre-dinner trip to gather a few odds and ends. Days when I’m feeling so together that on that grocery list are some chocolate chips so we can make some homemade cookies later.

Those days make me feel like a super hero as I listen to peanut recount all his adventures on the ride home and he giggles when I chime in with a comment or observation, as I watch him observe a new activity and internalize it, as I see him dance around the house while we make lunch, and as I enjoy the relaxation that comes with a long nap (peanut’s, alas, not mama’s) after a morning of activity.

Those perfect storm kind of days don’t always come together, so I cherish them when they do, ride the wave of energy and breathe a little easier when I’m able to feel that productive as a parent and still have time to post here and chat with an aunt for an hour on the phone. Sure, I didn’t solve any world problems or find a cure to a horrible disease, but I filled a need without exhausting myself or second-guessing myself or feeling inadequate. I had time to myself. I felt in control. As a bonus, I shared some fun experiences with my little one. So to him, for today, I hope I’m a super hero. Or at least one fun mama.

Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx the rest of my afternoon!


2 thoughts on “Some Days You’re a Super Hero

  1. Oh how I love those days. My problem comes when I start patting myself on the back for being such a spectacular mom and then a day like today comes along and slaps me in the face. Urgh. I DON’T love those kind of days. Hope your day tomorrow is just as good. 🙂

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