My Son, the Future Frat Boy

I have seen the future and I think it has a high likelihood of involving keggers and midnight streaking through the quad.

While making dinner this evening, the hubby and I were chatting in the kitchen. Peanut had run off to the living room. I could hear him bouncing off the furniture and going through (the childproofed for his entertainment) end table drawer. Just as I was thinking it had been quiet for a moment too long, he comes running into the kitchen. And let’s just say that he had been playing with a different type of “drawer” entirely:

And he was quite pleased at his achievement and its humor impact…the grin was ear to ear. Or more accurately, pocket to pocket!

Now he’s taken off his PJ bottoms more times than I can count, but he’s never taken off his pants just for the heck of it, not to mention the hilarity of it once they are placed on one’s noggin. I’m now plagued with visions of middle-aged Will Farrell going streaking in “Old School” and “that” kid who got drunk at his first house party and thought it was logical and funny to lay down and pretend to swim across a beer stained floor. Cause honestly, the hubby and I are still laughing at that guy, and not in a “hey, wasn’t that genius?” way.

Of course, I suppose there isn’t any hope for him since the hubby and I were sipping our own brews while the pizza baked in the oven. At least we were properly attired for the occasion.

One thought on “My Son, the Future Frat Boy

  1. You should save this for his wedding and they do the “let’s do a slideshow of the bride and groom growing up!” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that btw…)

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