Group Hug

Amy Jo at the Cheese Party bestowed upon me this lovely honor:

Thank you. This totally made my day (uh, like a week ago when you did it and it’s taken me this long to get my booty in gear). If you haven’t checked out her totally adorable, totally squeezable, want to pinch their cheeks munchkins and her hilarious sense of humor and lovely photography, then click here immediately. I return the love (even if you did have to up and move away from the ATL).

I think the rules are that I’m supposed to hand this out to 10 of my choice. Hmmm, 10 is a lot and quite honestly, I do not even know where to begin. So, I’m just going to pick a few that I like to visit (with no pressure to them to tag others unless they want to) and see where we end up.

  • One of my “real life” friends (this always sounds so weird since we’re all “real” people, but I knew her before I knew what a blog was (which wasn’t all that long ago, really) and we’re pseudo-related (we’re like sisters-in-law once removed or something), have lived in the same town (although not while we knew each other) and I totally tried to get her old company to work with my old company (although they never did) and isn’t it cool how much you can say by simply adding lots and lots of parentheses (like a lot)?) Amy has a wickedly frank sense of humor that cracks me up. I hope she cracks you up, too.
  • Jean writes a great blog about art and parenting that I admittedly never comment on but love. Her blog is actually what prompted me to get some mama friends together for our art group playdates. Seeing how she incorporates what she loves – art – into her child’s life has inspired me to think differently about how I can incorporate my and the hubby’s interests into fun activities and learning opportunities for peanut. Not that that’s happened yet, but it got me thinking!
  • Speaking of thinking…MojoMom always gets me thinking about parenting in relation to work, feminism, politics. She lives in my favorite place, too, so already you know she’s got good taste!
  • The lovely Goddess in Progress is always twice as honest, twice as realistic, twice as fun…you guessed it, the lady has twins. Correction, the lady has ADORABLE twins. And she lives in Mass (the birth place of High Heeled Mama) and loves BNL (bonus points) and and is participating in NaBloPoMo, while on vacation with twins. And she wrote the most wonderful piece about Tim Russert and her father that is especially poignant this Father’s Day weekend.
  • AwakeMomma at While the Baby Sleeps is relatively new to me, but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying getting to know her through her writing.

Okay, that’s six including the Cheese Party and I think I’ll end there. There are so many wonderful, crazy, creative, inspiring moms/women/thinkers in my reader, but I think the above is a good representation of where I’m spending peanut’s nap time, which could also end at any moment (another reason why six will have to do).

Until tomorrow, I suppose, when I find a few more voices and have to find a better excuse for not getting the laundry done than getting lost on the Internet superhighway. Although maybe if I explained how it’s cheaper than my Target habit…


3 thoughts on “Group Hug

  1. Well isn’t this interesting. I was just wondering if A) HH&HC had fallen off the planet or B) my Bloglines wasn’t working because I hadn’t gotten any updates from your blog in like a month. Turns out Bloglines is just messing with me.And the same day I come to check out to see if you’re still around – I see this lovely pretty waiting! Thank you. And I’m not even that great of a commenter, as in I often forget, even when Bloglines gives me your updates.Yours was one of the first blogs I started reading. I have no idea how I got here – but I’m glad I did! Me likes it – and the adorable pics and stories of your little pumpkin help too.So thanks again! (Now off to figure out what’s going down with my feed reader…)

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