Toddler Bandstand

There is no end to the differences from my old work-a-day world to my stay-at-home-mom-dom. There’s the wardrobe (from suits to sweats, heels to flats, blow-outs to ponytails), the physical surroundings (from desk to floor/playground/grocery store/park/Target), the benefits (401(k) to butterfly kisses).

But some differences are just a little more glaring than others. Like today…

Peanut’s gotten into “dancin’ ” lately, which is more like stomping, running, swaying or shaking his head. He asked for “sounds” (aka music) and since I finally got him off his Raffi kick, I popped in a CD. Now, here’s where it gets embarrassing…but I’ll own it…it was a Neil Diamond CD. Oh yeah! Nothing like dancing to “Sweet Caroline,” “Cherry, Cherry,” and “I’m a Believer.” Peanut was digging it and I can’t say I ever remember dancing in the middle of the day at the office (although there were sometimes those impromptu Celine Dion sing-alongs complete with choreography from an old cube-neighbor).

I gotta say, it changed both of our moods before lunchtime and we had a grand old time. Even if my quads were still killing me from yesterday’s workout. Swinging a toddler around will certainly not help any post-workout soreness, but will help post-errand-running crankiness.

Don’t they tell you to use your experiences as a mom when you’re trying to get back into the job game? Maybe I can parlay these new dance-party DJ skills into a new career opportunity. Move over Dick Clark, DJ High Heeled Mama is in the playhouse.

Now if only I could get “I Am, I Said” out of my head.


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