My Son the Comedian

Sorry for the repeat title, but I can’t think of anything better today!

The other night, peanut was offering up words for the “Name Game” song while we were diapering and readying him for bed. It all started out innocent enough:

Peanut: “Mommy!”

HHM & the Hubby: “Mommy, mommy, bo-mommy, banana-fana, fo-fommy, me, mi, mo, mommy. MOMMY!”

Peanut: “Car!”

HHM & the Hubby: “Car, car, bo-bar, banana-fana, fo-far, me, mi, mo, mar. CAR!”

Peanut: “Kitty!”

HHM & the Hubby: “Kitty, kitty, bo-bitty, banana-fana, fo-fitty, me, mi, mo, mitty. KITTY!”

Peanut: “Truck!”

HHM & the Hubby: “Truck, truck, bo-buck, banana-fana, fo-WHOOPS! WHAT?!”

Cue peanut giggling mischievously while the hubby and I practically fall on the floor in hysterics for falling for this one – even if peanut has no clue what the heck he just said.

I won’t even get started on how funny it is when he says “Let’s go” because it sounds like something else entirely (think “Meet the Fockers“) or how hilarious he thinks it is when he poots in the bath tub. As the only female in the house, I’m doomed to a lifetime of fart jokes and dirty word puns, aren’t I?

A girl to even the score around here…now THAT would be a reason to try for another!

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