Philosophy of the Terrible Twos

We are so there. That crazy land between 18 months and three and a half where being contrary is an art form. All hail the terrible twos.


I have noticed, however, that I can sum up these tantrum moments in one parent/child impasse regarding the “no” word:

Peanut is always allowed to use this word in any and all situations.

Mommy and daddy, however, are not.

I’m sure this is no revelation to parents out there. I think the real shocker to me has been the sheer number of times I can say and hear that word in a mere 24 hours. It’s reverberating off the walls and echoing in my mouth.

Any advice from those experienced parents out there on how to get a 21 month old to listen/obey/respond/stop forward motion/cease and desist/pause/or otherwise acknowledge that I actually am speaking to the child? I’m starting to feel like a broken record.

And I’m sure it was a record that peanut broke after I asked him to put it down, took it away from him, warned him not to do it again, spent 20 minutes attempting to put him in time out and then he managed to get his hands on and throw at the cat and break anyway.


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