One of "Those" Days

I think as a mother we all have “those” days. And what qualifies as “those” is different for every mommy.

For me, it’s the perfect storm of a no-nap day from peanut meeting a high pressure emotional situation followed by irritating minor annoyances all taking place in the same hour until they all add up to me WANTING to YELL at my innocent child. “Those” days usually mean mommy has to take a step back and we head to the playground or the hubby’s office for a visit/lunch or to the grocery store. Anywhere that we can get a change of physical and mental space to ease both my and the peanut’s crankiness.

Today, my no-napping child met up with my emotional stress over our poor sick kitty (we found out yesterday that only one of her kidneys is functioning and that one looks filled with kidney stones so we’re working on getting her seen by a surgeon to see if she’s even a candidate for stone removal or if it would be too much of a risk) followed by minor annoyances of bugs (yes, I live in an old house in the south and that means icky, gross creatures that feel the need to make their presence known right about the same time that the bug man is due back for his ritual spraying) and laundry that seems to be multiplying as each load goes into the dryer.

Then this happened:

Clearly trying to blame the innocent elephant

While on the phone with the vet and then the hubby, the peanut, apparently feeling neglected for 10 minutes, decided to act out by taking out. Every. Thing.

The shirt kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

It was at this point that we went to our mommy emergency kit, pulled out our zoo membership pass (thanks again, grandma) and headed to the zoo come hell or Atlanta rush hour traffic. I don’t typically do outings after 3pm, but desperate times call for lions and tigers and panda bears, oh my.

It was just what the doctor ordered. We were able to get some walking, quality time and laughter in. Nothing like watching a baby panda eat bamboo three inches from your face to change your mood. That and calling the dinner audible (hello take-out) at 6pm.

Some days, motherhood just kicks your tail. When “those” days happen, we just have to remember that those “other”days could be just another wake-up away – those days where you are a mommy genius, the sun shines, birds land on your shoulders and your toddler says please and thank you without being prompted.

Or we can just go to the zoo again.

One thought on “One of "Those" Days

  1. Sam has that shirt, too. Maybe they are long lost cousins or something!Here’s hoping tomorrow is one of those other days. We all know how you are feeling!

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