Okay, so traveling home to see the folks and help throw a bridal shower for my sister-in-law isn’t exactly a vacation, it is a much needed break from the day-to-day.

The hubby isn’t coming with us, so I’m already freaking out about flying with a toddler in arms by myself. Thankfully, it’s a quick flight and a lot better than driving alone with a toddler in a car seat who probably won’t nap for six hours, two meals, one snack and probably three bathroom stops that would involve begging peanut not to crawl under the stall or touch the feminine waste disposal box as he points and says “tash.”

But I am looking forward to seeing the folks. We were just there, really, but time alone with my parents is always nice. I could use a little TLC. Not that time with them isn’t great when the hubby’s there. He gets along great with my parents and they treat him like a member of the family (actually, probably better than a real member!) and we always have a great time chatting and watching them interact with peanut. But, things have been a little weird lately around here for me and having to do this trip on my own is probably just what I need.

And I’m, of course, looking forward to throwing a party. I’m super excited about a few of the things we’ve got planned for J’s shower (which I can’t talk about here in case she’s reading up…I’m sure I’ll have fun tidbits to share later) and being able to put it together with some other special ladies will make it even more fun. And, as always, peanut will get some much needed family time with our entire crew. Because of our distance from our family, it’s so important to me that he get that time, even if that means we’re screwing up a routine or running myself ragged trying to fit it all in. Luckily, I think we’re pretty well organized this time around (knock wood).

Anyway, I’m totally procrastinating on packing, so I better put down the mouse, stop reading blogs and get off my duff and do it so I can spend a relaxing evening with the hubby before leaving him in a quiet house for several days. I would be slightly jealous of all his “alone time” except for the honey-do list we’ve been accumulating. Yikes! We’ve been sticking all those annoying-to-do-with-a-toddler-underfoot tasks on the hey-hubby-can-take-care-of-this-while-peanut-and-mama-are-out-of-town list. I don’t think we’ll be gone long enough for that list to be completed. But hey, if he gets three done (and he knows which three) and is able to sleep in, watch as much sports on TV as he can stand and eats all the crap I won’t make for him when I’m around, than I think he’ll have a great time!

Think happy flying thoughts for peanut and me and hopefully we’ll be meltdown free on the plane. But mom, it might be good to have a bottle of wine chilling back at the house just in case. If a grandma’s on duty, I don’t mind starting happy hour at noon. It might not be Nigeria, but it’s the closest thing to vacation I’ve got!

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