My Hubby, My Hero

Big shout out to the hubby today after staying home from work yesterday to take care of peanut while I was laying completely still in bed with a towel over my head suffering from my first full-blown migraine. He took peanut to the park, fed him lunch, put him down for his nap, did all the heavy lifting, kept him relatively quiet and took care of me without having to ask a single question about what peanut should eat or what time he should put him down.

Although I woke up this morning still not quite feeling like myself, I do feel MUCH better than yesterday. I’m convinced this horrible experience was brought on by my birth control pill, which is simply a final nail in the coffin that these are SO not the substances I need to be putting in my body every day. Now that they FINALLY served their purpose to regulate my post-pregnancy visitor (this has been nearly a one year, three different pill process), I’m ready to move on to something drug-free.

So, hubby, big, big thank yous for being my hero and not questioning me when I looked at you from the bathroom floor when I was convinced I was going to hurl and telling you that you should stay home.

It was actually an interesting experiment with the peanut. By the evening, he kept asking for me, insisting I pick him up, hold him, read him his nighttime stories (normally daddy’s special time). I think he was confused all day knowing I was home but off-limits. We’ve spent lots of time cuddling today and I’m sure by the time the hubby gets home, I’ll go back to my it’s-6pm-mom’s-chopped-liver-daddy-look-at-me-status.


One thought on “My Hubby, My Hero

  1. Oh migranes are horrible. I’ve had about a dozen in my life and I hope I never have another. Natural Family Planning works pretty well if you are done with pills. ??

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