Life at Fever Pitch

Almost as bad as mommy guilt is bloggy guilt – has it been since Wednesday that I was last here?

I want to be writing about a lot of things:

* Drinks with some former colleagues last week. Did I hold my own? Am I worthy of still wearing the heels? Do I ever want to go back to the PR world?

* Peanut’s got some new tricks. He knows (and recognizes) certain letters. Does this make me a good parent? Does this make my kid a genius? Or am I still just a first time parent who thinks any accomplishment from my child is worthy of national broadcast?

* Peanut’s neighborhood “girlfriends” and their hilarious interactions last week.

But instead, I’ve been dealing with:

* A pain in my wallet after plunking down some serious coin on all new, surprise brake work.

* A sick 12-year old kitty who is on an antibiotic (talk about fun – it takes a village to cram down one little vial of liquid twice a day) and will need to go back to the vet after her course of meds. The C word was already mentioned in an effort to prepare us.

* A sick peanut who has another fever with no other symptoms other than crankiness and frustration and night time wake-ups. Fever watch is exhausting and stressful as we look for secondary symptoms and count down the hours to the next Motrin dose and the end of the 48 hour watch window before we call the pediatrician back and demand an appointment.

So thank you for your patience. I’ll be in a better place after the cat’s antibiotic, peanut’s Motrin my pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Take pleasure in the little things.

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