I am a Parenting Genius!

So, my 19-month old peanut is so…

  • Smart, he can already count to 10 and recite his alphabet backwards.
  • Musically talented, he can play “Twinkle, twinkle little star” on the keyboard, guitar and xylophone.
  • Conscientious that he picks up all his toys before bed without being asked.
  • Advanced that he taught himself to use the potty and makes announcements of pee-pee, poo-poo and hops on the ole toilet and takes care of his business. And I didn’t have to mess with clean-up, bribery or stress. If only I could teach him to put the seat back down.
  • Handsome that mommies in our music class practically throw themselves at us to keep their daughters in his good graces.
  • Well-behaved that he will put himself in time out on the rare occasion when he realizes he’s done something naughty.

Okay, okay, you got me! April Fool’s! In reality, my 19-month old peanut can…

  • Name a few numbers, but more often than not, a “number” is 6 or 9, maybe 5, but never 1, 2, 8 or 10 and never really in any correct order. And the alphabet…forget it. We still think all colors are yellow or blue (cause those are the ones we can say).
  • Bang like a crazy rocker who is tone deaf on a keyboard, guitar and xylophone, complete with tongue hanging out.
  • Strew toys all over his room in 5 seconds flat (the length of time it takes to turn on the tub) that mommy or daddy just finished picking up.
  • Still poop in his diaper like a champ, kick during changes and pee as soon as you put him in the bathtub full of toys.
  • Make the mommies laugh in music class with his dancing antics and adorable grin, but I’m not so sure they want their daughters marrying the kid who thinks the trashcan is one of the instruments.
  • Put himself in time out simply because he’s becoming very familiar with where it is.

So, no, I am not a parenting genius. Just another mama who today is over the moon happy that peanut has learned to wrap his arms around our necks and squeeze in the sweetest feeling hug I’ve ever known.

And that’s no foolin’.

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