How Almost Getting Stood Up Made for a Great Evening

Last night was the monthly mommy happy hour I’ve been trying to organize. February got away from me, so the reminder went out only a few days before and response didn’t seem very enthused this time around. We’re only in our fourth month of doing this, so it’s to be expected that some months are lots of mamas and others are a handful. By Thursday afternoon, only one mama had emailed to say she was hoping to make it, but would be late.

When the hubby got home, I actually made an attempt at fixing up my hair, put on some make-up, threw on the heels and headed out.

The bar was dark and nearly empty. Folks were dining in the restaurant, but I pretty much had the bar to myself. I ordered a glass of wine and settled in. A people watcher by nature, I took the opportunity to observe the world around me – a novel concept considering most of the time when I’m in public I’m focused on everything three feet and below that peanut can pull over, spill or otherwise deface.

I watched an interesting table of three women and one man. It looked like a business meeting. Boring. Until they rose at some point to take a photo. The man took a picture of the three ladies and instead of “Cheese” shouted “Cleavage!” Still trying to figure this one out.

There was also a boomer-type couple who came in and sat on the sofas in the bar area, but weren’t ordering anything. It became obvious they were waiting on someone. They giggled about the trendy decor, including some interesting fake fireplaces, and commented that “she” had recommended it. Soon enough, a young couple arrived and it was apparently their son and his girlfriend/fiancee. Definitely not a daughter-in-law yet…and despite the fact that restaurant was probably not my first choice for dinner with the ‘rents…I think she’ll be part of that family fold soon enough.

Halfway through my glass of wine, I grabbed my small notebook (I don’t travel unprepared) and jotted down ideas for a bridal shower and other party I’m working on. It was amazing how many ideas were coming to me when I had the time to think.

Eventually one mommy showed up – a friend of a friend. And we had a lovely time learning about each other’s families and swapping stories and advice. She has a twenty month old and a two month old, so I’m glad she made it out for a cocktail (okay, two!). She most certainly deserved it. And it gave me an excuse for a second glass.

But my 45 minutes sitting in the bar alone was quite honestly a lovely evening. I would have been content if no one had showed up. It was a revelation to sit there thinking I may have “prettied” myself up and gone out just for me. In a past life, I may have been annoyed or put out or taken it personally that no one showed. But now, it was refreshing.

I might need to consider adding another date night to the schedule – without the hubby (no offense, sweetie).


3 thoughts on “How Almost Getting Stood Up Made for a Great Evening

  1. I’m sorry that no other mommies showed for the first 45 minutes (myself included!), but you’re right! Sometimes a moment (or several) to yourself is just as fulfilling and rejuvenating as friends. Just don’t make it a habit to drink alone…!

  2. I joined a dinner club for moms and went a few times… had a great time. Reminds me that I should try to hook up again, it’s been almost a year!It is a great experience just to be on your own and people watch. Just some quality me time, when you’re just being you. Not someone’s mom, someone’s spouse. Just you.Glad you had that time to enjoy your wine!

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