From Bad Mommy to Good

Motherhood is a fickle friend. You can go from feeling like the best mom in the world to the worst in a matter of moments. It’s irrational the things we blame ourselves for and silly what we pooh-pooh that, on the flip side, we should totally be taking credit for.

Last Wednesday, peanut took a header on the playground stairs. He ended up with a horrible black eye. There was no serious damage done, but we were headed home this weekend for a few family events. Nothing like dark purple bruises on your face to be documented forever in photos. Not to mention the unsolicited comments at restaurants and rest areas along the way about how cute your son is, but check out that shiner (oh, really? I hadn’t noticed). At least one of the family events was peanut going to a hockey game with the hubby and hubby’s dad, peanut’s Opa. A black eye blends right in there! Although I didn’t feel there was anything I could have done on the playground differently (lost-footing is a common, and expected, side effect of toddler hood), I did feel responsible for some reason.

But the silver lining? Peanut completely perfected “thank you” during our trip home. He started saying “ank you” on Thursday and during the six hour car ride on Friday would politely repeat it every time we handed him a toy or snack. The best was an unsolicited “ank you” he gave the grandparents when they handed him rocks to throw in the creek behind their house.

I totally feel like a parenting genius! “Ank you” very much!


2 thoughts on “From Bad Mommy to Good

  1. My boys have an Opa too! I have two boys who are constantly leaving their marks on one another. Surely people realize the scratches are signs of brotherly love, not a wigged out mama.

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