Happy Valentine’s Day

Some days can be pretty rough as stay-at-home-mom. I am the kind of person who thrives on feedback. All the jobs I’ve held are results oriented – you either get the story in the paper/on TV or you don’t, you either make the sale or you don’t. I always knew where I stood. Being a SAHM has been quite the adjustment in this respect. I find it much easier to blame myself for the bad stuff that happens (the colds, the bumps and bruises, the temper tantrums) than to give myself credit for the good.

This afternoon was no exception. Peanut pulled a nice clump of hair from my head and laughed when I tried to “discipline” him with timeout only to go back to attempting to pull my hair again when timeout was over. He threw several kicking fits for no reason I could discern. At 5, I was calling the hubby to remind him to come home (as if he had somewhere better to be, but it’s my not-so-subtle way to say if there is any way you can get home sooner rather than later, today would be the day to do that).

But after peanut’s dinner, he was a bit giggly and started trying out one of his new words: “happy.”

I asked “Is peanut happy?”

“Happy baby!’ he responded.

I have no idea if he meant it or if he’s at an age where he can mean it, but needless to say, my heart is still a puddle of sappy goo. And if he can mean it, well, I should say that’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever gotten on the job.

*sigh* Happy Mommy.


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