That Giant Sucking Sound You Hear…

…is just me trying to breathe through my nose.

How in the world did these cold germs penetrate my Lysol, Purell, hot water and soap protected fortress I erected last week while peanut had his tummy bug? I have literally washed away a layer of skin – my poor hands are dried and cracked from all my washing, drying, alcohol-gel slathering paranoid behavior. And yet here I sit, apparently under water since I can’t hear clearly and my head has the pressure of the Atlantic Ocean concentrated right on the bridge of my nose.

I have been hoping that it’s just allergies, but the aching, chills and overall fatigue are really not helping that theory. Oh well. Pass the Kleenex. And the Purell. I’m not totally convinced there aren’t little tummy bug germs still lurking somewhere in my house waiting for my immune system to be compromised.

At least illness does bring moments of comic relief here at chez HHM. When I blow my nose, peanut will sometimes stop pulling the cat’s tail what he’s doing, point, smile and say “snot.” The kid can’t say please, thank you, or grandma yet, but snot. Oh yeah. That’s my boy.


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