Super Crappy Week

So the week started Sunday night with the Super Bowl:

And I think we all know how that ended. 😦

Then the hubby and I had our 2008 “budget talk” – I mean that’s just never a fun way to spend an evening.

Wednesday morning we woke up to peanut covered in puke. Seems everyone I know (in my real life and my internet life) with kids has experienced some kind of tummy bug in the last few weeks. What I’d like to know is why peanut keeps getting sick? Keeping him out of day care was supposed to mean he’d stay healthier, right? Since December we’ve had a bad, bad cold, “the fever” and now this. Can someone let me know if we’re done for awhile? And does anyone have any hints for mama so I stop worrying every five seconds if I’m going to be next?

Wednesday was also our property tax appeal hearing. We’ve spent the last two weeks gathering information and evidence to support our cause. The hubby went downtown to present our case, but still no dice. Oh well. We tried. They did freeze our rate for the next couple of years so we won’t have to worry about next year, at least.

And then last night my beloved Tar Heels fell to our nemesis. Granted, we were without our fabulous point guard and our secondary point guard who is already out for the season. And considering, we actually didn’t play badly. But we still lost.

Thank goodness it’s Thursday and time for mama’s monthly happy hour. Mama needs a cocktail.

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