These Heels Were Made for Votin’…

Yes, I voted.

Yes, I wore my heels. Patriotic ones, too, I thought (blue and white):

And to be honest, I stressed and pondered and worried and beat my brow over who to vote for. It’s no secret I’m a dem. My problem was that I like both Obama and Clinton for different reasons. And I have serious reservations about each of them for different reasons. And honestly, I’d be happy and proud to vote for either in the election.

I finally went with my heart and took the peanut in with me to mark my historic vote. Considering the wait, he did an excellent job. The promise of being able to push a button on a computer and get a sticker didn’t hurt!

Happy Super Tuesday returns watching. Me? My political brain hurts, so I’m going to wrest the remote from the hubby and watch some American Idol. Unless Wolf Blitzer wants to give the returns with a side of a show-tune…now those are projections I’d watch!

2 thoughts on “These Heels Were Made for Votin’…

  1. I had a hard time deciding between the two, also. And I’ve been writing about the decision for the last week on my blog. You nailed it though. No matter who the Democratic candidate ends up being, we are blessed to have a choice between Clinton & Obama!

  2. Wow, so the debate raged on Super Tuesday for lots of us, then! I spent last weekend getting my very passionately DECIDED friends to convince me who to vote for. In the end, I went with the one who wants to repeal NCLB. But I totally could have gone either way!

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