Focusing on the Positives

Ah, the glimmer of the terrible twos and the joy of cutting molars. Needless to say, it’s been a cranky time here at casa de High Heeled Mama. Peanut spends moment to moment going from the sweetest, happiest, giggling angel to a fire-breathing, limp-limbed, screeching dragon.

The good news is that although there are a lot of them, the tantrum/cranky moments are fairly short lived in duration (for now) and these moments are shining the spotlight on the truly joyful and bright moments we’ve had in the past few days. So in the interest of seeing the sippy cup half-full, here are a few of our truly stellar moments in the last few days:

* It’s 7:15PM, dinner’s done, dishes are done (and I mean done: dishes in the dishwasher; pots washed, dried and put away; counters wiped down, floors swept (thanks to peanut)) and the hubby’s handling bath time while I’m sipping a lovely red and trolling the blogosphere. Ahhhhh. This is indeed a rare, rare moment.

* Yesterday we managed a zoo outing (thanks again High Heeled Grandma for the membership. Might be the best gift ever) and trip to the grocery store in the same day! And because peanut insisted on walking the entire time we were at the zoo (no stroller for this kid) he took a luxurious 3+ hour nap. Mama almost didn’t know what to do with her free time. Almost.

* Spinning with the peanut in the park until we were both dizzy, laying on the grass staring at the sky giggling with joy.

* Two goodnight kisses from the peanut tonight.

* And the moment that keeps me laughing:

(Because sometimes cleaning can’t wait for clothes)

3 thoughts on “Focusing on the Positives

  1. OMG!! That is histerical!!! What was he doing?!?!?But I feel your pain w/ the tantrums! Remember, we’ll always be 6 weeks ahead of you. I called Mark crying last week saying, “I miss my good girl.” Some days I just don’t know how to parent a toddler. If you figure anything out — let me know!!

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