The Light at the End of the Diaper Champ

Cue the alleluia chorus!

Scatter rose petals in the bathroom!

Picture High Heeled Mama spinning through fields of wild flowers, arms wide, smiling like a lunatic in sheer happiness! You can even picture her doing this in very high, very hot high heels, say in baby blue!

Okay, I admit that I MAY be overreacting, but peanut has shown signs that one day (oh the blessed day) we will be out of diapers! (I can almost hear the angels singing and beams of light streaming from the toilet).

Recently, peanut has learned the vocabulary associated with his bodily functions. He’ll even occasionally put two and two together – saying poo-poo after an actual poo-poo. Although most of the time he says poo-poo when he’s gassy, but it’s a first step, right? Today, he actually came into the bathroom while I was blow drying my hair, grabbed some toilet paper and proceeded to “wipe” himself. I was so excited we had to tell the hubby right away, well, after I stopped laughing hysterically at the image of peanut wiping his sweatpants clean with TP.

I know 17 months is a bit early for potty training, especially for those stubborn boys who don’t seem bothered by sitting in wet and stinky diapers (or maybe that’s just mine), but it created a spark of hope that one of these days he might be ready to tackle the big bad challenge of his toddler hood.

Until he’s ready, I’m going to start day dreaming about what I can buy with the money I’ll be saving when I don’t have to buy diapers. Who am I kidding…it will probably be a pair of shoes. A nice pair of celebratory party potty shoes!

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