The Best Laid Plans…

Why is it that once you have a kid as soon as you make a plan, it all goes to poo-poo (as peanut would say)?

I’ve been having the itch to do some home fixer-upper projects. This is not unusual for me. What is unusual is that since I found out I was pregnant, I haven’t really done anything (beyond picking out furniture for the nursery and showing the hubby where he should put it). That’s 26 months without a project! Horrors.

To top it off, when we moved into this house, it was like Rainbow Brite went to the dark side. The den was such a dark shade, to this day we can’t agree what color it was — sometimes it looked blue, sometimes black, when we sanded it down we saw chocolate brown and mauve. Needless to say, it was B-A-D bad. So we painted it a lovely sand color (that of course now I’m ready to change, but that’s another day). The bathrooms were a burnt orange (painted over wallpaper, mind you). The bedrooms were wet cement gray (not a good look) and the living/dining room had been painted a color we liked, but they had painted around the furniture to cover up the really horrible green/gray that had once graced those walls. We had leftover paint from the den and after stripping the wallpaper in the bathroom had no energy to pick a new color so up went the sand paint.

I never really liked it, but it was okay enough. Well, we apparently didn’t prep it appropriately for our postage sized bathroom and the paint has been cracking. So, time for a fix. But how is a girl to get a bathroom scraped, sanded, primed and painted when I only get the amount of time available to me during peanut’s nap time?

And, apparently scraping paint off bathroom walls near peanut’s bedroom wakes him from said nap and you end up not finishing what you had hoped to accomplish. As a bonus, you also end up with an extra hour of time to entertain a 17 month old (and did I mention it’s actually freezing out and it actually rained so the playground was totally a no-go? Ugh) since he woke up so early.

Side note: Sorry to the hubby’s little sis who is coming this weekend and will have to suffer through a semi-construction zone in the shower.

In other foiled plans news, the hubby and I had decided back in the fall that we’d plan a little vacation getaway sans peanut to New Orleans for the Jazz Festival this coming spring. Then, the hubby’s little sis got engaged over Thanksgiving and is planning a June wedding at the beach, we’re trying to replace our bedroom furniture like we’ve been talking about for 9 years, we have a list of home improvements to make and, oh yeah, we only have one salary. So, we have decided to be responsible parents and not go on the fun, expensive trip.

Boo. Hiss. Responsibility sucks.

We will still go away for a weekend, but somewhere we can drive to and not be gone so long. Thinking while considering the bottom line isn’t new to us, but a trip or big purchase here or there wasn’t always such a hard decision. I suppose it still isn’t, but we haven’t had a night away from our little guy and we were really looking forward to some alone time. I guess we’ll just use our cost-savings to pay for a few extra babysitters, I suppose, to get a little alone time.

So NOLA will have to wait. Too bad my half-done bathroom can’t.


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