The Day I Realized I Have More in Common with a Fictionalized World War II Era Former Nun than a Contemporary Rock Star Wife

While reading February’s issue of Parents magazine, I came across the “It” Mom Q&A column featuring Skye Hoppus. First of all, I spent a better part of the first weeks at a new job at a PR firm many moons ago transcribing and editing video of her hubby, Mark Hoppus of Blink 182. So thinking about him having kids after trying to make sense out of some of his analogies makes me giggle in general.

Now I’m not sure what playgrounds are like in L.A. or wherever she lives, but she admits to liking to “glam it up and wear fake eyelashes, and I always wear heels — even at the playground.” Okay, I’m all about taking a moment to make sure I match and occasionally breaking out those heeled boots or my fun green tweed open toed pumps to dress up a pair of jeans for a trip to the mall or maybe a lunch date with the peanut and the hubby. But heels on the playground? Honey, that just isn’t practical.

I grew up with the concept of play clothes (cue the Julie Andrews curtain smocks memories) and afternoons outside getting dirty, running around, exploring, playing make believe, riding bikes and coming in when I was hungry or it was dark. These are the same things I want for peanut. To that end, we spend time outside every day (well, except when we’re in fever town or it’s raining, which hasn’t happened much in the parched and thirsty state of Georgia recently). And when we’re outside, I like that I’m a mom willing to get dirty with my kid, chase him around the playground and head down the slide. And pulling his wagon in heels would be darned near impossible.

So, sorry Skye Hoppus. Looks like I’m not much of a hot mama after all. And you know what? I’m okay with that. Even Captain Von Trapp picked the more practical-minded, play clothes-making Maria over the ever-glamorous Baroness.

3 thoughts on “The Day I Realized I Have More in Common with a Fictionalized World War II Era Former Nun than a Contemporary Rock Star Wife

  1. Yes! I felt the same way! I was very disappointed in that article. I didn’t like her look anyway, but how can you climb the slide and play in the sand if you’re wearing heels?

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