Separation Anxiety

I admit it. I’m a pretty lucky mom. Peanut is, and always has been, a very laid back kid. As a newborn, we were waking him up for feedings. There are few foods he’ll turn his nose up at. He is fairly easily entertained with a book or a stick or a plastic cup or a drawer of spices. And he has never made a peep of complaint when we’ve left him with a sitter.

Lately, he’s been a little more clingy than usual. He’ll hang on my legs in new situations and has been slow to warm up to the teacher in this session of our music class. And our visit to Santa this week did not go well (oh, we were so happy in the line. Moms were complimenting me on how well-behaved and happy peanut was while we waited. And then I placed him gently on the lap of the most wonderful looking Santa I’ve ever seen and peanut let out a scream and a cry of betrayal that is usually only reserved for Nurse Nancy at the pediatrician’s office when she gives him his shots. The pictures are priceless.).

So, as we headed out for the hubby’s office holiday party last night, I expected a little bit of a battle. We were using a sitter we had not used before and peanut’s been fighting a bit of a cold. After chasing the child down to give him a goodbye kiss and hug, peanut followed us to the door. I gave the hubby the ‘this could be the night’ look and we stepped out into the cold. We turned around to try to wave bravely to the little guy and promise we’d be back soon only to watch our precious peanut close the door on our faces.

I guess I’m the only one with separation issues!

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