Giving Thanks

I am truly blessed. There is always so much to be thankful for that it seems embarrassing that it takes a holiday to remind me.

Of course I am thankful daily for my little peanut. Every time he smiles at me so that his nose crinkles or he kisses the pictures of his grandparents during night-nights or he dances or he stomps in place (a new game I’m not quite clear on, but it’s hilarious) or he splashes in the tub or he runs down the hall to give me a hug or any number of other little gestures, I am thankful for the gift of him in my life.

I am thankful for the gift of having this time at home with him, raising him, loving him. I am thankful I have a supportive hubby who loves me unconditionally (and I provide lots of opportunities for conditions!), encourages me and allows me to not only do this stay-at-home mom gig, but who also listens when I’m struggling with all that entails. I am thankful for the opportunity to take some time out of the rat race and really think about what I want from a career and take the time to examine all the different ways to make that happen. I am thankful for the family adding peanut to our marriage created for the hubby and me.

I am thankful for our larger family, for the parents that raised us and provided us a pathway to parenting based on their successful efforts. I am thankful for our siblings who are wonderful aunts and uncles to our little guy. I am particularly thankful for my parents who are there to talk me off my “I’m a horrible mother” ledge when peanut experiences a few bumps and bruises and aren’t afraid to share stories from their weak moments. I am thankful for a sister who even though she’s on a serious executive fast-track in the corporate world and I’m at home in mommyland still thinks I’m pretty cool to talk to.

I am thankful to have found a home in Atlanta and live in a neighborhood that is truly wonderful (ladies, you are fabulous!). I am thankful for good health and security. I am thankful for sunshine (although a little rain would be nice). I am thankful for not having to plan and cook and clean-up the Big Meal this year (as much as I do miss it). I am thankful for this little corner of the Internet that is all mine. I am thankful to those of you who come and read my words and especially thankful to those of you who comment (either in this forum or when I see you in the “real world”) on how you relate to this post or that.

I am, simply, thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving 2007!


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