How I Know I’m Not Ready for Another

It seems that once your little one hits a year old, you start to get the raised eyebrows, the nudge-nudge-hint-hints and sometimes the uncomfortably direct question about when you’re going to provide a sibling for your peanut. I have to admit that as the one-year birthday approached and I was looking back on all the changes our little guy had gone through, I was totally ready to bring another little bundle into the fold. Luckily, the hubby was there to talk some sense into me, that this year might not be the best time.

Last week reiterated the difficulties of the two-party system. I was watching my little peanut and his buddy, who is only two weeks older, while his mama went to get her tresses pampered. Whew. They were both very good boys, to be honest. There was the occasional toy battle, but really they were quite easily entertained. But being there to diffuse any power struggles before they erupted and doing silly dances to keep them laughing and trying to keep two toddlers in the same room had me pooped! After peanut’s buddy left, my peanut and I snuggled in a chair to read a story and I thought, how do parents manage two or more ALL THE TIME!?

But it was a blast to see these two together. I always find it interesting to watch how peanut interacts and reacts to other kids. He’ll giggle when another baby dances or want to follow another kid and imitate how he played with a particular toy. He actually seemed proud to show his buddy how a few of his toys worked and occasionally even shared a book or two (and a few times, offered the book and just as the other baby would reach for it, he’d take it away. So not cool!). The icing on the cake was this moment:

Oh yeah! That’s my little guy giving his buddy a ride on the firetruck. They had a fabulous time “working together” at this game.

I know having a sibling for peanut will be a wonderful addition to our family…one day. For now, I think we’ll stick to play dates and babysitting swaps to give peanut the interaction with other kids he needs and his mama the reminder she does!

(And congrats to my gal pals Mama G. and Mama L. and cousin-in-law K. who are all expecting their second babes! You all make being mom to your little ones look so easy I’m sure you’ll be an inspiration to the rest of us.)


3 thoughts on “How I Know I’m Not Ready for Another

  1. I chatted with a woman in Target a few months ago who had an ‘oops’ 2 months after her first one was born, so she’ll have two under a year. I was almost in tears talking to her. And how do people do it with twins or more? I’m terrified of twins, so here’s a connundrum: the longer I wait to recover from having pumpkin the older I will be and therefore my chance of having twins is greater. Hmmmm.

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