Alphabet Club

Where has High Heeled Mama been all week? I wish I knew! I have no good excuse other than the fact that I’m a stay a mom of a toddler and this week has included an attempt to make up sleep lost during the World Series games, Halloween (and all that entails) and a visit by a plumber (a small annoyance that means we are one step closer to having a working tub…don’t ask).

So here it is Thursday and I haven’t posted since Monday and I feel like I’m letting you all down. Ah, but High Heeled Mama is going public tonight. Sort of.

When I was a working gal, a colleague had the idea to do a networking evening once a month that was ladies only called the Alphabet Club. The idea being that once a month we’d all gather at a different bar, working our way through the alphabet. In the PR field, ladies only really isn’t all that exclusive and it was a great way to meet new potential contacts in a non-threatening environment.

Recently, I was thinking how rarely I get together with my mom friends, outside of play dates and other kid-centered activities, but how much fun it is when we actually do. So I’ve officially borrowed the idea – I mean if anyone is qualified (and entitled) to cocktail her way through the alphabet it’s a mom. And so tonight is the first scheduled event. Local bars/restaurants won’t know what hit them! I’m excited about the idea and looking forward to knowing that at least one night a month I get to put on some lip gloss and have a gal’s night.

Feel free to borrow this idea for your home town, put on a pretty pair of heels and go have a cocktail with a few friends. We all deserve it!



2 thoughts on “Alphabet Club

  1. We had a great time. About 7 moms (and moms-to-be) stopped by for a cocktail. We ended up getting dinner and enjoying a lovely evening. We’re looking forward to our B location in December. Gather up your mommy pals in Durham and head over to Anotherthyme (I haven’t been, but isn’t it supposed to be good?).

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