Well I Love That Dirty Water

Oh…Boston you’re my home!

(to explain how Boston, NC and Atlanta are all my home towns would take entirely too much space. Let’s just say I have a legitimate and genetic link to Red Sox Nation and despite the sinus congestion peanut and I are both fighting today, we’re happy, happy members of said Nation!)


3 thoughts on “Well I Love That Dirty Water

  1. 1. Papelbon is inSANE. He is just CRAZY!!2. When did JD Drew amass a .412 batting average? Can that be right?3. Gagne…sucks…4. Lugo–well, we’ve got to have one guy in the infield that ain’t great, right?5. I. Love. Pedroia. 6. I. Love. Ellsbury. (Even though he’s 15. And beat UNC as a member of Oregon State’s baseball team in the College World Series. Love him!)7. Did I mention that Papelbon is insane? He’s goggles and Cotton Eyed Joe crazy. Nuts.8. Go SOX!!

  2. Ahhh.. Mill-arrr!! He always reminds me of marching band, because I say his name like a pirate–just like we used to do with the “ARRRR” in “C-A-ARRRRR-O-L-I-N-A!!”Hopefully, tonight’s game is more dramatic!

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