Why I Love…

What a week? Where does the time go? I’m not really sure, to be honest. So here are just a few random thoughts on why I love…

  • Target – Really, Target should install a playground and start a regular playgroup. Everyone I know uses Target as an excuse to get out of the house. Today’s purchases include a few Halloween decorations, cards, lotion, blanket sleepers for peanut, two long-sleeved polos for peanut, and peanut’s first puzzle. Ah, a lovely morning out.
  • The Library – I honestly haven’t been in a library since college (well, except for using the Undergrad’s restroom on football Saturday’s on my way to the stadium, back when we used to go home for football games). Peanut and I went to our local branch this morning to get a library card. Oh how I missed the musty smell of books and those crinkly plastic covers. I’m serious, I LOVE the way a library smells. Going to the library every Saturday morning was one of my favorite trips as a child. And after taking peanut through the children’s section, I think he’s going to love it just as much. Story time Tuesdays, here we come!
  • Fall – It’s FINALLY cooling down (relatively speaking for this southern gal) and it’s time to start thinking pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, falling leaves, cinnamon in the air, cider on the stove, throw blankets, hot cocoa, and a holiday season with a peanut who is a year older. I can’t wait to watch him this year as he truly experiences the world around him.
  • The Peanut – The kid is plumb ridiculous! He’s taken to walking with his arms straight out behind him like Superman. He doesn’t do this all the time, just when he’s super excited or wants to go faster. Hilarious. He has mastered the slide, loves to play outside, likes to bounce and I swear he tries to make the hubby and I laugh.
  • Will Ferrell – If you haven’t seen this yet, you have to check it out (and be sure to check out the outtakes and Good Cop, Baby Cop). Cracks me up EVERY time.
  • TiVo – Oh how I miss my TiVo. I fought the original purchase of it, then fell in love. This summer, however, we had to let it go (long story that includes a switch from satellite to cable and therefore a useless TiVo from DirecTV). I haven’t really missed it…until now, until Thursday nights when The Office and Grey’s Anatomy are on at the same time. UGH!
  • SitterCity – We did it. I signed up, I posted a job and met a great sitter (who even came over to meet us before I committed). She’s coming by this weekend so the hubby and I can have a date night. If you are like me and live far away from family and can only take advantage of your friends so often (most of whom are pregnant or just had babies anyway), it’s worth checking it out (thank you for the recommendation).

Enjoy your Thursday!


2 thoughts on “Why I Love…

  1. So true about Target! Every time I can’t stand being in the house anymore I decide we need to go to Target and buy stuff we don’t need. I’m a complete sucker for their seasonal shirts for kids.

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