A Tale of Two (or Ten) T-Shirts

I believe I’ve already established that I’m a reality TV addict. So it will come as no surprise that I would follow my favorite part of Project Runway to his new show Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style.

This past week Tim and sidekick Veronica made over a mom with a mommy wardrobe. Now I’ll clarify the mommy wardrobe for those non-mommies that might be reading: t-shirts, jeans (worn-in), non-logo-ed t-shirts, khakis, long-sleeve t-shirts, capri pants, t-shirts that we convince ourselves are dress-up-able, and sweat pants. Oh, and did I mention t-shirts?

I felt a sense of superiority when I realized that I have not only a few skirts in my closet, but I actually wear them (because news flash ladies, they cover more than shorts and are just as cool in this hot weather). Then I realized that all I ever really wear with said skirts are t-shirts (shocker) and flip flops. With fall approaching (apparently more on the calendar than in the weather forecast), I have been jonesing to do some shopping. But I have had a horrible time shopping since becoming this mom person.

I can’t seem to justify spending a lot of money on a wardrobe that only I and the checkout gal at the grocery store see most days. Or I find a fantastic find that is totally me and I would have bought in a heartbeat to wear to work or out and realize I have no where to wear it now (because seriously, who is going “out”?). Or there’s shopping for that special outfit that just doesn’t look right on mom-body. I won’t even get started on my complete lack of accessories. Or the fact that I am not making the money right now and therefore have a hard time spending it (unless I’m at Target, apparently).

And then I start to wonder, why the heck don’t I do it? All of these makeover shows get moms out of the sweats and into day dresses and trousers with kitten heels and they seem so happy. I know I certainly feel better when I look better. When I can blow dry hair, my attitude is totally different. And I know it’s not that much more of an effort to put on better clothes. Why don’t we moms dress better? Not for our babies or our husbands or whomever, but for us. Because it makes us feel better. Because I’ve always been taught to dress for the job you want and if mothering is the most important job there is, shouldn’t we look good doing it?

Oh, I know it’s unrealistic and I’ll be pulling out another t-shirt in the morning, but maybe, just maybe I will go shopping this weekend and try some things on that don’t qualify for the mommy wardrobe. Maybe I’ll be surprised. Or maybe I’ll just look good for a hours in a fitting room with outfits on that don’t make it home.

Or maybe I’ll just buy another pair of shoes. Nothing dresses up a new t-shirt like a pair of heels.

4 thoughts on “A Tale of Two (or Ten) T-Shirts

  1. My advice – just make sure any new or old outfit is machine washable so you don’t have to spend an additional fortune on dry cleaning to remove all of those stains that come with kids!

  2. I thought about that whole kitten heels and skirt thing yesterday every time I sat/rolled/lay/crawled on the floor, and I have concluded that I will have to look cute in jeans, a t-shirt, and flats!

  3. Lacey – Dry cleaning? What’s that?! And Meghan, as long as you feel cute, it’s ALL good. (She says while not feeling cute in her sweaty work out clothes that are about to make an appearance at the grocery store and the post office). The cute stuff will have to wait for date night this week, I guess!

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