Food for Thought

This has been the week that peanut has decided napping in a normal routine is just too predictable (of course it doesn’t help that I keep trying to trick him into napping in the afternoon by taking him to the pool in the morning which, apparently, wears him out to the point of zonking out on the way home and sleeping for about an hour and refusing to nap again later in the afternoon…I really should know better by now) so I haven’t had my normal “downtime” to not only write, but to actually think about what to write.

It came to me during lunch, appropriately, that I had several small tidbits floating around in my head that all had to do with food. So consider this my tapas of posts:

  • iMac – What were you thinking? The new super cool, super thin all-in-one iMac computer was recently released. Along with the hardware, their new ad campaign: “The new iMac. You can’t be too thin. Or too powerful.” The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness was on this quickly and the ad copy has already been changed. Do I think this ad or slogan would have resulted in eating disorders, no. But do I think that it was an appropriate or responsible ad? Nope. It seems that everywhere you turn you hear people lauding the “real” woman physique and yet in magazines and in Hollywood, thin is still in. When it comes to advertising, we’re still being sold the same old image…and there are only so many Dove products I can buy. I’m quite frankly surprised that this ad made it out the door – I would think somewhere in the Apple marketing chain a woman would have looked at this ad and had the guts to say, “we might want to think twice about this.” But that’s just one gal’s opinion. What do you think? Was the ad cute/insulting/inconsiderate/stupid/insert own description here?
  • How is it that PB&J with Lay’s potato chips tasted SO good after a morning in the pool with the smell of chlorine and sun block still on my skin? Felt like summer – you know, when summer used to mean no responsibility, summer when you were 7. Mmmmm, tasted good.
  • Why did I make myself a PB&J because it was “easy” and then made my child a chicken and cheese quesadilla with sliced avocado on the side. When did I become a diner?
  • My mama friends and I agree that eating food off of our kids’ plates should be considered empty calories. We’re just trying to instill good eating habits after all by demonstrating how yummy the green bean/noodle/banana/quesadilla is. And sometimes peanut wants to share, and isn’t that something I should encourage? Would someone please tell my metabolism that only the PB&J should register, not the “extra” chicken and cheese quesadilla pieces?
  • Peanut could eat dairy all day long – loves milk, loves cheese, loves yogurt. See, all that ice cream I ate when I was pregnant was for a good cause!

Sorry it wasn’t a four-course meal of a post, but sometimes a few appetizers make a nice dinner.


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