"The Gambler" as a Metaphor for Parenthood

As I lay in bed last night with a case of “the Sundays” — you know, that can’t sleep cause another week is starting and it’s the end of another weekend. I don’t get them nearly as bad as I did when I was working since mamahood usually means every day, whether it’s Tuesday or Saturday, look basically the same. But every once in awhile, the Sundays rear their ugly heads at bedtime, holding me captive to some VERY RANDOM thoughts.

Last night’s random thought, Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler” really sums up motherhood. Let’s take a look, shall we?:

  • You got to know when to hold ’em Pretty obvious, but one of the first things we learn as mamas is when certain cries mean feed me, change me or just hold me.
  • Know when to fold ’em — This is all about laundry for me. If I fold it when I can’t put it away, then it’s a given that peanut will find the clean laundry and proceed to strew it about the floor, begin chewing on it and hide it (like in the hamper with the dirty clothes so I can’t remember what’s clean and what isn’t). Timing the folding is a science around here.
  • Know when to walk away — Sometimes you just need to put a fussy baby in a crib and walk away so you can pee, take a breath, grab a cup of coffee after an all-nighter with a fussy baby or call your husband at work proclaiming you’re the worst mom ever (or maybe that last one was just me when peanut was still in his first “trimester” on the outside).
  • Know when to run — Because he’s hurt or scared or about to pull down an entire Sunday paper from the coffee table onto his head.
  • You never count your money, when you’re sittin’ at the table — Babies are all about budgeting in ways I never imagined before I had one, but typically my budgets are done on the fly as I contemplate how to pay at Target (where I magically spend $100 every time I walk in — how does this happen? I just went in for a birthday card and shampoo!?!).
  • There’ll be time enough for countin’, when the dealin’s done — I’m sure you all heard the same mantra from veteran parents that I did that time just flies by and to enjoy each little milestone and moment while you can. So true – and I’ve only got a year under my belt. But it explains all the nostalgic looking back when your kids are grown and gone and about to have little ones of their own (oh Lord, I need a glass of wine. Peanut’s going to leave me one day? Ack!).

So what do you think? What random songs describe parenthood for you?


One thought on “"The Gambler" as a Metaphor for Parenthood

  1. I’m not as clever as you, but the only one that keeps coming to mind is “Friends in Low Places.” BUT, Isabel does that w/ the laundery too!! I’ve just stopped doing laundry while she is awake. It’s not worth the hassle.

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